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Edutaining RAP, CONTENT, & WORKSHOPS that explain Agile Product Development and provide fresh insights to help people shape a better work environment.



“I help organizations, teams, & individuals reimagining work processes and organizational structures so they can reduce waste and spend more time creating better products.

Adam Janosch


Rap-Artist, Agile Consultant, & Trainer?

“Every community has its culture, and every culture has its music. There was no music. What can I contribute? Music.”

That’s how Adam Janosch’s first song about agile work came to be.

Adam Janosch is an Agile Consultant, Trainer, and Musician who navigates both the world of Music Production and Agile Product Development.

With his holistic and creative approach to Agility and expertise in Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and LeSS, Adam Janosch brings a breath of fresh air to the working world.

His broad experience as a System Engineer, Product Owner and Scrum Master in software development and the Automotive Industry offers plentiful inspiration for fresh and thought-provoking content that entertains and stimulates reflection.


As an Artist and Producer, Adam creates rap music centered around work-related themes.

His musical focus is to entertainingly explain Agility and provide fresh insights to help people shape a better work environment.


With performances in Germany & at international conferences such as ACE!, Scrum Day, Leanbase, and more,

Adam captivates audiences with his songs that explore agility, modern work, psychological safety, work-life balance, and personal branding.


Adam offers customized workshops, trainings and consulting services for organizations, teams, and individuals.

Through workshops for corporations and software service providers, he has e.g. helped strengthen team self-organization, promote effective communication, and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration.

"Have you ever written a song as a team event?"

Content Creation

His extensive background in software development, the Automotive Industry
and music production

serves as a rich source of inspiration for crafting fresh and thought-provoking content that offers entertainment while encouraging deep thoughts.


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